Explanation of the personal information acquisition

Nikkei BP adheres to the applicable Japanese laws and regulations regarding protection of personal information in acquiring and handling personal information as described below.

1. Name of the business operator

Nikkei Business Publications, Inc.

2. Administrator of personal information

Nikkei BP Personal Information Administrator

3. Purpose of utilization of personal information

(1) For providing products and services that have been purchased/ registered
(2) For distributing direct mails and questionnaires, etc.
(3) For administrative communications/responses to inquiries

4. Provision of personal information to third party

In cases in which personal information is to be provided to a third party, we inform the related customers of the name of the company/organization that will receive such information and what sort of information will be specifically provided to them, and obtain consent from them.

5. Outsourcing of tasks handling personal information

There are some cases in which we outsource a requisite level of tasks handling personal information to companies that have concluded a non-disclosure agreement with us.

6. When personal information is not disclosed

There might be a limitation to services we are able to provide to individuals whose personal information is not disclosed.

7. Acquisition of personal information in a way that is not easily recognizable to users

It is possible that we automatically acquire users’ access information to Nikkei BP website and other online services through their IP address, Cookie, web beacon, etc.

8. Contact

Please contact below when you wish to check or update your information registered with us, or to terminate registration and discontinue receiving our services.

Customer Support, Nikkei BP Fulfillment Services
Address: P.O. Box No.20 Kasai post office, Japan Post 134-8729
URL: https://bpcgi.nikkeibp.co.jp/form-cgi/formhtml.cgi?form=bpcom_en/

Please see the following URL for the Nikkei BP's Personal Information Protection Policy.